Saturday, 14 June 2014


The concept for Year 10 Scientific Inquiry and Communication (10SIN) was born out of an internal monologue that went something like this:
So let's do it in class!
"Wouldn't it be cool to do science fair?" 
"Yeah, but it takes up so much time." 
"Why not do it as an option class?" 
"Hmm... that may just work."
I went to my head of department, told her my idea, we filled out a course application, and to my delight the course got approved.

Since the approval last year my vision of 10SIN has evolved quite significantly. Science fair is still going to a large part, however I really want to incorporate the following:
  • The Nature of Science strand of the NZ Curriculum at the heart of the course. 
  • Project-based learning that produces high-quality artifacts.
  • Student agency.
  • Communication of science in different media (YouTube, blogs, infographics, documentaries, popular science literature etc.)
  • Audiences outside of class.
  • A website and blog that is curated by the class.
All with a bit of e-learning flair thrown in. It's not going to be easy!

So here I am on the brink of starting something I hope is going to be really innovative and special. There's going to be about 20 kids lined up and I have one week of this term to get them hooked...

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